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Pros and Cons of Ceramic Window Tints

Your car’s window tint is just as important as the one in your house. They affect the appearance of the car. It’s responsible for how much sunlight passes through and just how strong the windows are against any impact.

So, when you choose a tint, you’re not looking at something that’s all bells and whistles. Instead, the window tint you use should also contain protective compounds that keep the glass from cracking or dis-coloring over time — which brings us to the main point of this blog:

Which Tints Should You Choose For Your Car Windows? The best ones available…ceramic window tints! 

Now, you may have questions about whether ceramic window tints would change the whole purpose of having a window. Don’t worry, we’re here to clear all your confusion regarding ceramic window tints, including the fundamental questions.

What are Ceramic Window Tints?

Ceramic window tints are a premium-grade window tinting technology. A single sheet of regular-sized ceramic tint contains millions of nano-ceramic compounds.

What Are Ceramic Windows Tints Made Of?

Car window tints are based on nano titanium nitride particles. The window tints are actually a spin-off of aeronautical technology. The concept stems from the research done for space programs, in which windows of space crafts were tinted with compounds of similar properties to prevent the glass from cracking due to pressure and temperature changes and added a highly protective coat having tensile strength properties.

For car windows, we usually have titanium nitride ceramic particles that are injected into the tint’s film. Since the particles are so minuscule, they’re invisible without a microscope. And since they’re so small, even millions of them cannot block your view ahead.

So basically, ceramic tints are made of carbon-hybrid, non-metallic nanoparticles.

But do ceramics replace something in regular window tints to become ceramic window tints? Not really. Nanoceramic particles are just an addition to the components of standard window tint, that’s all!

A Short History of Ceramic Window Tints

Car tinting has been a trend since the 1940s and has begun with the treatment of window glass itself instead of any fabrication or product application. The primary purpose was to change the appearance and add a measure of privacy to the windows. However, this also meant that the windows often had a weird, blue-green tinge that darkened the view outside. The glass was also prone to cracking during the procedure.

Next came window dyes, which were sprayed onto the glass, and metallic tints, which many people use today. The problem with these methods is that they often fade and lose their color. Metallic tints also multiple radiation effects from electronic devices inside the car.

To solve the problems with regular car tints, the German company Huper Optik’s USA branch developed ceramic automobile window tints. Since then, these ceramic window films have been popular because they offer a premium-grade, lasting effect on the car’s appearance.

Pros of Ceramic Window Tints

Ceramic window tints are a part of the most recent technologies, which means they have some pretty wholesome features you should know about:

No Electrical Interference

How often have you heard people tell you that you shouldn’t take calls or use the internet inside your car because it’s ‘harmful’? That’s because the metallic tint messes up with their electrical signals.

But you do know that ceramic materials, such as titanium nitride, are nonmetals, right? And one property of nonmetals is that they do not replicate or strengthen electrical impulses from nearby devices. This means that the ceramic tinted windows do not interfere with your device performance and aren’t a health hazard, either!

UV Light Reflection

Ceramic-infused window tints have another great feature. Since they’re not metals, they do not absorb the unwanted spectrum of sunlight. This means that when you install these windows on your car or any other vehicle, it’ll have all the pleasantness of natural sunlight, and as a bonus, there won’t be any unwanted UV beams entering your car.

This is a great benefit if you sit in the car without wearing sunscreen because the ceramic will block UV rays for you. Any other material, such as seat covers, will also get UV protection inside the car.

Keeps the Car Cool

Ever wondered why your car’s interior heats up under the sun? It’s because the glass, whether bare and metallic tinted, takes effect from the direct exposure to the sun. On the other hand, ceramic tinted windows also work to keep the vehicle’s temperature normal.

They only allow enough sunlight to pass through so that you can see clearly inside and out and keeps away all the negative effects of driving during the daytime. If you’re trying to go green and want to avoid air conditioning in your vehicle, ceramic tints are a great alternative.


Ceramic tints block a significant portion of the sun’s harmful rays. This makes it impossible to see the insides of your car. This way, the ceramic tint adds an excellent privacy measure to your car. No one can be a Peeping Tom, staring at your kids, or have a look at any valuables you might be carrying.

Cons of Ceramic Tinted Windows (Compared to Regular Tints)


A regular tint can be done in as little as $50 and as much as $600. But with ceramic-impregnated window tints, the pricing starts at $500 and can easily reach $800. After all, there’s always a price for premium quality, right?

Matte Surface

Have you seen ceramic glass projectors on your phones and laptops? There’s no shine, no reflective quality, and no outstanding color, right? It’s the same with ceramic window tints. They’re meant to last and protect, but they aren’t as fashionable as regular metallic or carbon tints.


car window ceramic window tint lakewood ranch tintCeramic tints protect the glass from damage, have no chances for discoloration, and are environmentally safe. Although their cost is a little too high than regular tints, these ceramic ones can last longer and better, which makes them worth a shot!

Lakewood Ranch Tint is a local automotive tint boutique that specializes in the newest ceramic window tint technology and 3D scanning tools for perfect installation every time. Our experienced professionals are passionate about helping you meet your automotive car goals and we work with every vehicle. Call us for a free quote today.


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