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Things To Know About Car Tint Removal

Car tint removal might seem like a simple task to some people, but it is actually quite complicated. If you are planning on removing the window tint yourself there are some things to know before starting. Deciding whether to take this on yourself using DIY methods or using a professional is an important decision. Here are some key points to think about before making a decision on removing window tint.

Signs of a Bad Tint Job

If you’ve ever taken a close-up look at the window film, you can see if there is an uneven gap between the tint and the edge of the window. When looking for this problem on your car or someone else’s vehicle, note if the line isn’t even, that can be a sign of laziness with the initial application of tint on your car. Eventually, you will want to remove the tint, and doing it correctly is important to save the outside of the window and your pocketbook.

Low-quality window tints will turn purple with age as the dyes fade. These low-quality films are made cheaply and aren’t intended to last. This will increase the number of UV rays that pass through your windows. If you notice distracting bubbles, it is likely that your tint film was of lower quality. Bubbles develop when the remaining adhesive breaks down prematurely, which distorts your view—even if the bubbles are small.

Look for clean, even edges at the corner of the tint. The window tint film should have clean and consistent lines that are close to the edge of the windowpane. A professional installer will use computerized templates which are pre-cut with precision so there is an even line all around. They also take the time to sand down any bubbles or dots on top of defroster bars in order to ensure their clients get a flawless installation job every time.

Do You Know How to Remove Window Tint?

Think about this before you begin the tint removal process. How much time and effort are you willing to spend (and how much money do you want to spend)? If you are not confident in your abilities, consult a professional tint remover near you. Some ways of removing window tint need heat on the inside of the window and outside. Other methods don’t need heat, but ammonia and steel wool. Removing window tint can be complicated.

Prepare Yourself

The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure you are ready for the removal process. There are a few different methods to choose from, and you will need a few tools before you start.

You may need:

  • plastic wrap
  • cardboard
  • a razor blade
  • fabric steamer (or a hair dryer/heat gun)
  • towels in case of spillage
  • clean up supplies like paper towels, glass cleaner, garbage bags, a spray bottle, and soapy water (dish soap).

Prepare Your Car Windows and Get Rid of Tint Film Adhesive

First, clean your car windows with a non-abrasive liquid. Remove any adhesive residue on the surface by using solvents, soapy water, or carefully scrape it off gently using a razor blade.

Peel Away the Window Tint

To remove window tint film, slowly peel it off or use a razor blade or scraper for stubborn areas like the corner of the window. Peel the tint away until it’s all removed.

Apply Alcohol and Rubbing Aide

Next, apply alcohol or a rubbing aide like ammonia on the now exposed area, then rub in circular motions until dry. Spray ammonia or alcohol with a spray bottle to keep it on the glass. Keep your paper towels close in order to clean up spills and drips.

Apply Window Tint Remover

Apply a window tint remover solution to a sponge and rub it on the newly exposed areas of glass. Repeat this process until all of your old window tints are removed or just enough so that you can easily clean off any dirt with soap and water.

Wash Windows With Clear Water

Lastly, be sure to clean off any adhesive residue from the window with clean water and dry it with a microfiber cloth. Once dry, you can clean again with soap, water and then spray with glass cleaner.

The Difference Between DIY and Professional Window Tint Removal

Low-quality car window tints will not last long. Car window tint installed by someone with little experience will have an even shorter life span. Once your car tint has gone bad, you’ll want to remove it. You can save money and opt for cheap tint removal products and methods, but the bit of extra money you spend on professional services will pay off in the long run. Professional window tinting removal companies will carry a higher quality product and use proper methods for removing.

Companies that provide high-quality products will usually back them with warranties, while lower qualities don’t offer such assurances. These professionals are the experts in their field and have a method that will work to protect your vehicle and money.

Why Leave Tint Removal to a Professional

lakewood ranch fl lakewood ranch tint removal professionalsA lot of people don’t realize that tinting your windows is such a big job. You need to measure the dimensions and angles, find an appropriate film, get it cut correctly, and apply it. The same goes for removing the tint. It’s also a big job that needs to be done properly.

Tinted windows give your vehicle a classic look and help protect you from UV rays. Driving with bad window tint will impact your visibility and safety. Distracting bubbles, poor installation, and low-quality window films crack and slowly start peeling over time. This reduces your vehicle’s appearance. To avoid ugly, embarrassing window tints that bubble up, don’t opt for the cheapest method and seek a professional that knows how to remove the old window tint.

Are there any parts of your car that are not salvageable in case something goes wrong? If so, then it is better to have a professional remover work on your vehicle’s glass windows. This will save you from replacing expensive car parts.

Lakewood Ranch Tint

Car window tint removal is a delicate process that should be done by professionals. Any mistakes will make the problem worse and can cause permanent damage to your windows, leading you down an expensive path of repairs. Before you decide to choose a DIY method, speak to a professional window tint remover first. It will save you time and money in the long run.

At Lakewood Ranch Tint, the highly experienced and passionate team of professionals specialize in ceramic window tint technology and 3D scanning tools for the most precise installation.

Call (941) 926-6222 to schedule your tint job or removal with Lakewood Ranch Tint in Lakewood Ranch, FL today.

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