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Will Tint Bubbles Go Away? – Detail Shop’s Opinion

Window tinting is a popular way to improve your car’s appearance and protect your privacy. When you have your windows tinted, bubbles may form on the film. You may ask, is this normal? Will the bubbles go away on their own? When you have questions about your new window tint, call us and we will ensure you understand how our auto tinting works.

How Do Bubbles Form in Window Tint?

Many people enjoy the window tint look, but they may not realize that it can also help keep their car cooler in the summer. However, if window tint bubbles form, they can make the car look unsightly and cause the tint to lose effectiveness. So, what causes these bubbles, and is there anything that can be done to prevent them?

Bubbles can form in window tint for various reasons, but the most common cause is improper installation. If the tint is not applied correctly, air pockets can become trapped beneath the film, causing bubbles to form. In some cases, bubbles may also be caused by heat buildup, which can cause the adhesive to fail. 

Will Bubbles Dry Out Of Window Tint?

Yes, bubbles will eventually dry out of the window tint. This process can take a few weeks, however, so be patient. In the meantime, you can help speed up the process by gently pressing the air or water bubbles with a clean cloth. As the water inside the bubbles evaporates, the bubbles will gradually shrink. Once they have entirely disappeared, your window tint will be good as new.

Is It Normal To Have Air Bubbles After A Tint?

When your car windows are tinted, you may notice tiny air bubbles trapped underneath the film. Although these bubbles can be annoying, they are actually quite normal and will eventually disappear on their own. Bubbles appear in newly tinted windows if the film was not given enough time to dry before being applied.

The bubbles will slowly disappear as the film continues to dry. Sometimes, you can speed up the process by using a hairdryer or heat gun to heat the area around the bubble gently. However, be careful not to overheat the film, as this can cause the adhesive to loosen and lead to even more bubbles. Your new window tint will eventually become smooth and bubble-free with a bit of patience.

How Long Until Bubbles in Tint Go Away?

Window tint bubbles should start to disappear within a few days. The exact amount of time depends on the type of tint and the conditions in which it was applied.

For instance, if the tint was applied in warm, humid weather, the bubbles will likely disappear more quickly than if it was applied in cold, dry weather. Additionally, some tints are bubble-resistant, so they may take longer to heal than others. Though all tints will eventually flatten out, there is no need to worry if you see a few bubbles at first. Just give them some time, and they will go away.

Will Tint Fingers Go Away?

Finger bubbles are long thin lines of bubbles rather than just a tiny circular bubble form. Several different types of finger bubbles are usually caused during the window tinting process. Some can be caused by surface discrepancies, such as the curved window and the film’s flat, causing a finger bubble.

In most cases, finger bubbles will not go away on their own. You will need to bring it into a professional to remove, or you can try to heat the tinting film and work the bubble out with a scraper. If you ever have any questions about your tint, make sure to call our professionals.

Do I Need to Have My Windows Re-Tinted if the Bubbles Don’t Go Away?

The short answer is that you might not need to have your windows professionally re-tinted if the bubbles go away. Over time, these bubbles will often work their way to the surface and pop.

If you find that the bubbles are not going away on their own or becoming a nuisance, you can always have a professional come out and look. We can gently press the air out of the film to release the trapped air or recommend re-tinting the windows. If you have contamination bubbles, these will not go away on their own, and it’s better to have the tinting film redone.

Can I Get Rid of Air Bubbles on My Own?

Window tint bubbles are unsightly and can be difficult to remove. You can try a few different methods to get rid of them. One is to use a hairdryer set on low heat. Hold the dryer about six inches from the window and move it back and forth until the bubble pops.

Other methods include warming up the window with a heat gun or parking your can in direct sunlight until the surface of the window is warm to the touch. Once warm, lightly mist the window tint film with room temperature water. Use a spray bottle to moisten the window, but don’t get it soaking wet. You can then poke a small hole in each bubble using a very tiny pin. Be patient and take your time to avoid ripping holes in the film or scratching your window.

Who Can I Call About Bubbles on My Tinted Windows?

Bubbles on your tinted windows can be frustrating, but luckily the team at Lakewood Ranch Tint is here to help. We can add tints to your windows and ensure the job is done correctly. We prevent bubbles by using a high-quality film and applying it correctly. If you already have bubbles, we can often remove them by gently pressing on the film. However, if the bubbles are large or numerous, it may be necessary to replace the film entirely. Whatever your needs, we can help you get the best possible results for your window tinting project. Contact us today to learn more at (941) 926-6222.

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